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Familia Desposorio Cubas : Freddy Desposorio Cubas

Familia Desposorio Urcia : Dionicio Desposorio Urcia

Familia Desposorio Pulido : Manuel Desposorio Pulido

Familia Desposorio-Soles Pulido : Victoriano Desposorio Soles Pulido

Familia Desposorio Soles : Jose Santos Desposorio Soles 

Familia Cubas Lopez : Rosa Cubas Lopez

Familia Cubas Gutierrez : Luis Cubas Gutierrez
Familia Cubas Alvarez : Pedro Cubas Alvarez
Familia Cubas Leiva : Jose Maria Cubas Leiva
Familia Cubas Mejia : Carlos Cubas Mejia

Familia Cubas Ugaz ; Norberto Aurelio Cubas Ugaz

Familia Cubas Rioja : Norberto Cubas Rioja

Familia Cubas Vargas : Norberto Cubas Vargas

Familia Cubas Cotrina : Alejandro Cubas Cotrina 

Familia Cubas Romero : Mario Daniel Cubas Romero

Familia Cubas Barrantes : Daniel Alfonso Cubas Barrantes

Familia Cubas Balcazar : Daniel Marcial Cubas Balcazar

Juan Alberto Cubas Castro




Historia de la Familia

Desposorio Urcia

Historia Familiar de mis padres Don Manuel Desposorio Pulido y
Da. Maria Magdalena Urcia Castillo
Don Jorge Luis Desposorio Urcia


Los Angeles, California, April 6, 1979

Por Jorge Luis Desposorio Urcia


 Historia de la Familia Desposorio Urcia







Por Jorge L. Desposorio Urcia

I was born in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred forty, on the twenty eighth day of August, in a small town called Viru, which is located on North Coast of Peru, among the boundaries of Trujillo City.

I come from a very large family. My parents, Manuel Desposorio and Maria Magdalena Urcia had 13 children, three girls and ten boys, from which 4 boys passed away, three when they were small babies and one at 32 years of age. I'm the eighth child. My parents, who still live at the farm in Viru, are in their seventies. My brothers and I moved at an early age to the city so that we could get a better education. We visited our parents frecuently, and especially during vacation and helped them on the farm to harvest corn, pineapples, kidney-bean and fruits.

When I was born I looked like a dead child with purple skin and the midwife picked me up by the feet and hit me with her hand to get my respirations started which made me cry a lot. I was healthy but very skinny. When I was a school boy one of my classmates, kicked me hard in my leg and caused an hernia. In High School I caught a terrible cold and bled a lot from my nose and was absent from school for a week.

In the month of July 1961, the first two missionaries in that city [Trujillo], Elder Burffuss and Elder Douglas Ross, taught us the gospel, and all my family gradually left the Catholic Church and we were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, except my brothers Carlos David, Rey Manuel and Santos Victoriano.

My father is the oldest son in his family and works as a farmer. He was twelve years old when his father, Victoriano Desposorio, died on April 16, 1916. He has three brothers and one sister: My uncles Manuel Encarnacion, Maximiliano, Pedro and Pascuala. His inheritance was a farm of 7.5 acres. My mother is a housewife and does part-time work as merchant selling the harvest of the farm, which is mainly fruit. Her inheritance was a farm of 2 acres, and together they worked very hard. We always had food and plenty of clothes because of our harvest, my parents and my oldest brother and sister made the clothes for all the family.

All my brothers and sisters have a profession, except Santos, who is accompanying my parents and helping them as a farmer.

My brother Dionicio, studied Mechanics, and received a Diploma [degree] as a Mechanical Technician, but he did not like that job, so he studied more and got a Diploma [degree] as a Teacher in Physical Mathematical Science. Now he has taught in high school for 15 years and is now studying law. He has 5 children and his oldest son Fredy, after his Mission in Uruguay, is studying International Relations at Brigham Young University in Provo.

My brothers Carlos David and Victor Manuel, both have six children and work as Barbers and are also Merchants. My brother Rey Manuel is a football player. He works as a minibus driver and has a cafeteria in Puente Viru. He has a child called Arturo Ruben. My brother Domingo Jose after studying for many years, got his diploma [degree] as a Medical Doctor at the National University of Trujillo in the month of August 1974 but unfortunately few days later had a traffic accident. He was [hospitalized] at the Hospital de Belen for two months and finally passed away when he was thirty two years old.

My sister Aura Elvira, was a nurse and lived in Lima-Capital until she got married to Jorge S. Gutarra Tello. She helped a lot economically to our family, especially during our studies. Now they have a child called Olinda Janet, and live in Viru, close to my parents. Maria Jesus is a clothes Designer, living in Trujillo, and her son Carlos David Villela, started his Mission in March 1979 in South Peru-Mission, after entering to the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple. She gave us assistant at home during the years of our schooling.

My sister Eva Lucia, was a Teacher in Peru for four years, then she served a Mission in Chile for two years (1969-1970). She then returned to her job as a Teacher for six months and after that, came to the U.S.A. in 1971; following her studies in Los Angeles City College, then in California State University of Los Angeles. She got her Diploma [degree] in "Latin American Studies". On February 18, 1978 she was married to David Johnson Fox at the historical Saint George Temple, in Saint George, Utah.

I studied the carreer of Teacher and received my Diploma [degree] as a Professor in History and Geography (1964), and worked for fourteen years at "San Isidro" National High School in Tembladera, Cajamarca. During that time I studied Anthropology and got my Degree in Social Anthropology (1974). I founded The Archeological Museum "Julio C. Tello" in Tembladera. For many years I enjoyed teaching teaching in High School and working in a Museum before I came to Los Angeles in February 1978 to attend my sister's wedding. In April [78] I attended The 147 Annual World General Conference in Salt Lake City, and also had the opportunity of greeting the Prophet, Spencer W. Kimball and felt his great love for his people. Since March 31st, 78 I have been studying English as a Second Language in Evans School L.A. California, and I have been serving as a Ward Clerk for Los Angeles Fourth Ward since October 29, 1978.

In my country when I was studying at the University I got sick with "tonsilitis" but the doctor cured me in time. While I was working in my Archeology Practice off campus I had an accident. I was excaveting and my tool hit a stone, and my spine injured badly. I was seriouslyn sick and spent two months in bed. The doctor said after he saw my X-rays, "you have a separated vertebra and your bones need calcium". Finally one of the missionaries, Elder Ronald Viotty, from Brazil, gave me a blessing and then I felt much better; soon I recovered my health and started my job again in school.

In my family we used to have prayers in the morning, before or after each meal and before bed time. Our favorite prayers were "The Lord's Prayer" and "The Sign of the Saint Cross" as a Catholic tradition, to give thanks to God.

I remember the economical situation when I was a student because I grew up with little food and clothes, and our house was big but unconfortable. So, when I was studying in Viru, my Godmother Clarita Santolaya [Dioncio's wife's aunt], was like my own mother, and took care of me during the first semester because my home was too far from the school for me to go home to eat for lunch. She gave me lunch and sometimes 2 or 5 cents to buy candies. Sometimes, when I was in High School and I was hungry I thought "Someday when I grow up I will work in order to make money to buy a lot of cookies and bread to eat!" At home I helped my mother in taking care of her animals.

I remember some good teachers who taught me. In Elementary School I had as a Teacher, [Mr.] Alexander Bulnes, who taught me the first letters and a poem about "Mother's day", and Luis Herrera P., a lovely man, who taught me mathematical science and other subjects. In high school, I remember teacher Rafael Narvaez Cadenillas who taught me History. At higher level in education [college] I had several good teachers but I remember Julio Gutierrez Solary and Miguel Vega Castro, both professor of Geography. I also remember my Anthropology Teacher, Victor A. Rodriguez Suy-Suy. Now I am greatful to all my teachers for their wise teaching.

I was converted to the Mormon Church when I was 21 years old and the most important thing for me was the very good appearance of the missionaries, who were like angels coming from Heaven. I was baptized in the Pacific Ocean, "Huanchaquito" Beach, by immerssion by Elder Leo Dennis Houghton and confirmed by Elder Ronalds Romney. In the Mormon Church I enjoyed attending Sunday School, the Mutual, the Priesthood Meeting, Sacrament Meeting and different [other] activities of the church. I am greatful to the teachers and missionaries for their good teachings.

My principal [main] friends during my school and professional life were: Victor Bayona Ulco, a good football player, who played with me many times. He is a teacher of Language and Literature; Jose A. Pereyra M. because he always played with me after school, and I knew his home and his nice family. He is a lawyer and works as a Judge in Iquitos City. I had another friend also, Mardoqueo Munoz A. who, with other friends and me, made a magazine "Geo-History" and after we graduated from the University we worked together for seven years in the same school. He is now a Lawyer and works as a Law Investigator in the "Eight Region of Education" in Trujillo City. I also remember other very good friends.

I like sports, but rarely won a game because I am not physically a strong man.

I like to read good books, to recite poetries, to take pictures and to dance.

In my sentimental life, I was timid, so my first girl friend was in school. She was a beautiful girl and I thought about getting married to her. At that time I was not a member of the Church. Some years later, because I had problems with some girls who were not members of the Church, I decided to never fall in love with any girl who is not of my church. By the way, in my ward, there were pretty girls also, but I wanted to get married in the temple, and at that time there was no temple in South America.

I know of two tragic situations in Peru. My father told us that in 1925 there was a terrible flood there, and in 1970 [there was] a strong earthquake in North Peru which interrupted the comunication between one city and the other, the houses were damaged and the people didn't have food for many days.

My father was an active politician Aprista. After the failure of the Aprista Revolution in 1931 [1932], there was a persecution to all the Apristas by the Military Government of Sanchez Cerro, and around six thousand people were killed in the ancient ruins of chan-chan, Trujillo. My father was able to escape from that danger.

After I finished my school I got a job so I could save money to help in the building of our own house i Trujillo City.

I had some trips in my country and got to know many interesting places, especially the Ancient Pre-Columbus ruins as: Macchu-Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Kenko and Cuzco [which is], the Archeological Capital of South America, Pachacamac in Lima, Cotosh in Huanuco, Sechin near Ancash and the Jequetepeque Valley: Pacanamu, Limoncarro, Montegrande, and the Pethroglyphos of "Santa Clara" in Yonan, Tembladera.

In the church, I had some positions [callings] as teacher in Sunday School, the Mutual and Priesthood, member of the High Council for the Trujillo District, Branch Clerk, and District Clerk. Finally, before I came to the United States I was a First Counselor to Bishop Hector Noe Garcia in [the] Trujillo Ward in January 1978.

It was a very nice occasion also my Graduation from the Institute of Religion, because I received my Certificate with the signature of the Prophet, Spencer W. Kimball.

A few days after I arrived in the U.S.A. I entered the Los Angeles Temple on March 3, 1978. It is a wonderful place. I felt near the Lord in that place where all is peaceful/ I hope that many people have the same experiences in "The House of the Lord and that our appearances and conduct reflect the LOve and Reverence we hold for him".

My Patriarchal Blessing is a very special guide in my life and I know that if I live the Gospel principles, the promises will be fulfilled.

I started to write my diary on February 22, 78 to remember [in rememberance] also "The Aprista Fraternity-day", and his political author, Victor Raul Haya de la Torre.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to my parents, to David and Eva D. Fox who are helping me and supporting me, and to the Authorities of the Mormon Church who gave me this wonderful opportunity to write my brief personal history.